21 Feb, 2019

Morocco Stop The next stop for the world travelling show was in Morocco, and again here we can see our crew sporting the latest EDGII looks. The three hosts came to Marrakech to continue their dream tour of Morocco. There, they completed the final chapter of the show. Wearing the warmest and the most beautiful EDGII fur jackets, they experienced the most romantic and stunning hot air balloon flight looking for the dreamy fairy tale world, feeling fresh in the sky and letting the wind take them to discover the earth from the air. The breathtaking views of the Berber...


14 Feb, 2019

EDGII teamed up with the large-scale variety entertainment shopping reality show “Travel Around the World” which leads the audience to places around the world. New Zealand Stop The hosts, stood out in the beautiful New Zealand snow fields in the most popular EDGII goose down jackets, saying “Hi” to New Zealand’s ski resort and the huge audience of onlookers behind the scenes. The popular travel series showcases the enchanting scenery of New Zealand and other breathtaking destinations all over the globe. The three hosts looked stunning wearing the silver goose down jacket, oversized goose down red parka with white fur...


07 Feb, 2019

International social media star and global brand ambassador for Adidas, Adrianne Ho, was spotted in New York Fashion Week, looking amazing WEARING a GOLD SEQUIN SKIRT, paired WITH EDGII 2018 A/W OUT OF STOCK COLLECTION forest CAMO FOX FUR army PARK. EDGII is fast becoming one of the most loved and trending clothing brands, setting the world on fire with unique looks and head turning designs. So… who is Adrianne Ho? The Canadian model, designer and director, and an iconic social media influencer with over 800k followers on Instagram, Adrianne Ho calls both Los Angeles and New York City home,...

Know how Edgii sold complete “out of stock” collection within an hour

24 Jan, 2019

  Edgii has always been popular in the fashion world. Magic happened on 28th July, the day when EDGII released another event at their Paddington flagship store. A number of influencers and celebrities were there to attend this special event. In the last few years, EDGII has been able to become exponentially well-known due to their fur collection. One can also say that the phrase, ‘Sold out’ has been completely associated with EDGII and that’s why we used it as our slogan this time. When we released our, ‘Out of stock’, it was sold within an hour. People loved our...

Edgii launched limited series “OUT OF STOCK” in Yohood

17 Jan, 2019

Recently, Edgii launched limited collection “OUT OF STOCK” in Yohood Carnival Shanghai. Various famous celebrities and fashion bloggers attended this session. The famous fashion label founder, singer, and actor, Shawn Yue attended this event. There were many celebrities like famous American Artist, ROY English and Japanese musician Hirosihi Fujiwara, who attended the event. Yohood is a famous cutting-edge fashion culture event in China which was established in 2005. It has all the elements that promote a trendy and fashionable lifestyle which include retail, media and other events. One can get the latest information about fashion and style with Yohood. For...

Follow famous Influencer Dr. Mike’s Recent Winter Edgii’s Collection

10 Jan, 2019

This winter season, you don’t need to give another thought before buying EDGII’s collection. Do you know that Dr. Mike loves to wear EDGII’s down coat? The amazing Edgii's Watson Parka is loved by the celebrities and fashion icons. The famous YouTuber and influencer, Dr. Mike has created an official video on fashionable winter clothing. He has recommended our store’s famous Watson Parka.  Now you can’t believe someone’s views and opinions until the person is trustworthy. Let’s know more about Dr. Mike and his work. The videos of Dr. Mike got viral on Instagram and every office worker looks forward...

EDGII: Perfect destination for luxury and trendy apparel designs

03 Jan, 2019

On June 20, the first brand of Australian fur, EDGII, had the grand opening of their global flagship store, a trendsetter in Australian fashion. Choosing Paddington, Sydney for its collection of fashion culture, top tier brands, and top Australian designers, the EDGII light luxury fashion brand shares its new location with some of the most popular brand names in Australia and Worldwide.   The EDGII Australian flagship store is located in Paddington, Sydney, a unique, fashionable and influential district, with a strong fashion culture, and the location of many top brands. This area has become the epicentre of cutting edge...