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21 Mar, 2020

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EDGII launches SS19 MAXIMUM collection

29 Apr, 2019

The time for some next season wardrobe planning is here finally! A bit of fun. A bit of fashion. EDGII SS19 Maximum Collection beautifully blends the two for a perfect holiday season. EDGII, a perfect destination for luxury and trendy apparel design, is about to launch its Spring and Summer19 Maximum Collection in March. With this new collection, we aim to offer eccentric elegance to our audience in the form of our latest SS19 Collection. For SS19 Maximum Collection, the designers chose the elevator as their inspiration with the phrase “maximum” as the main element in this collection. SS19 Maximum...

Celebrities Spotted Wearing EDGII AW18 OUT OF STOCK Collection at Major Events

22 Apr, 2019

When EDGII AW18 OUT OF STOCK Collection was introduced in the event packed with renowned celebrities and influencers, it already gave the vibe that it’s going to be a massive hit in the market. The reason being, we are the first company to release parka collection in the most innovative ways. The professional designers at EDGII have worked on all kinds of luxurious materials. As a result, EDGII OUT OF STOCK Series was like a magnet that attracted all, conquering the entertainment and fashion industry. Since its inception, our professional designers have drawn on their experience in creating innovative designs...

EDGII FIT+ “KICK OFF” COLLECTION Launch new series online advertisements.

15 Apr, 2019

Most of us love to wear and stick to the designs that make us look stylish and feel comfortable. And frequent new design launches in the fashion industry keep audiences engaged throughout the year. Hence, considering that mindset of the audience, designers at EDGII strive to offer the best in designs and styles which are current and trending. Designers firmly believe that the design should be made in such a way that catches the eye of the wearer and the person next to it cannot take their eyes off it and end up buying the same. With this belief, we...

EDGII FIT+2019 SS “KICK OFF” COLLECTION Launch Event in Sydney!

08 Apr, 2019

You might have heard about plenty of miracle diets, fat-burning shakes, waist-whittling detox diets and workouts that supposedly make you shed inches instantly. But what if we present you with the coolest and easiest way to get fit - without dieting or exercising? All you have to do is to wear our EDGII FIT+ Sweat Suit and you’re off to good start in losing your fat and even improving your metabolism, all that without even doing any intense exercise. For real! Edgii, a luxury apparel fashion brand in Sydney, launched EDGII FIT+ 2019 SWEATSUIT COLLECTION on 3rd March at Dolton...


08 Mar, 2019

  EDGII participated in the INNERSECT event from 5 October until 10 October 2017 at Shanghai World Exhibition and Convention Centre. Derived from the word "intersect" which means to cross paths, it is a point at which roads, ideas, and culture overlap and converge. Founded and created by Edison Chen, INNERSECT is a global showcase of creatives from the world of art, food, fashion and music, with contributors from Shanghai, New York, Paris, London, L.A, Tokyo and Sydney. The 2017 INNERSECT convention took place in Shanghai, and was attended by a bounty of unique new talents, including EDGII. EDGII, an...


21 Feb, 2019

Morocco Stop The next stop for the world travelling show was in Morocco, and again here we can see our crew sporting the latest EDGII looks. The three hosts came to Marrakech to continue their dream tour of Morocco. There, they completed the final chapter of the show. Wearing the warmest and the most beautiful EDGII fur jackets, they experienced the most romantic and stunning hot air balloon flight looking for the dreamy fairy tale world, feeling fresh in the sky and letting the wind take them to discover the earth from the air. The breathtaking views of the Berber...


14 Feb, 2019

EDGII teamed up with the large-scale variety entertainment shopping reality show “Travel Around the World” which leads the audience to places around the world. New Zealand Stop The hosts, stood out in the beautiful New Zealand snow fields in the most popular EDGII goose down jackets, saying “Hi” to New Zealand’s ski resort and the huge audience of onlookers behind the scenes. The popular travel series showcases the enchanting scenery of New Zealand and other breathtaking destinations all over the globe. The three hosts looked stunning wearing the silver goose down jacket, oversized goose down red parka with white fur...


07 Feb, 2019

International social media star and global brand ambassador for Adidas, Adrianne Ho, was spotted in New York Fashion Week, looking amazing WEARING a GOLD SEQUIN SKIRT, paired WITH EDGII 2018 A/W OUT OF STOCK COLLECTION forest CAMO FOX FUR army PARK. EDGII is fast becoming one of the most loved and trending clothing brands, setting the world on fire with unique looks and head turning designs. So… who is Adrianne Ho? The Canadian model, designer and director, and an iconic social media influencer with over 800k followers on Instagram, Adrianne Ho calls both Los Angeles and New York City home,...

Know how Edgii sold complete “out of stock” collection within an hour

24 Jan, 2019

  Edgii has always been popular in the fashion world. Magic happened on 28th July, the day when EDGII released another event at their Paddington flagship store. A number of influencers and celebrities were there to attend this special event. In the last few years, EDGII has been able to become exponentially well-known due to their fur collection. One can also say that the phrase, ‘Sold out’ has been completely associated with EDGII and that’s why we used it as our slogan this time. When we released our, ‘Out of stock’, it was sold within an hour. People loved our...