EDGII FIT+ “KICK OFF” COLLECTION Launch new series online advertisements.

15 Apr, 2019 by Renee Liao

Most of us love to wear and stick to the designs that make us look stylish and feel comfortable. And frequent new design launches in the fashion industry keep audiences engaged throughout the year.

Hence, considering that mindset of the audience, designers at EDGII strive to offer the best in designs and styles which are current and trending. Designers firmly believe that the design should be made in such a way that catches the eye of the wearer and the person next to it cannot take their eyes off it and end up buying the same.

With this belief, we never really stopped trying and continued on innovating and refining designs to create apparels that are not only stylish but are worth the price.

After experiencing a huge success in “OUT OF STOCK” Parka Collection amongst audiences, the confidence level of EDGII designers has just raised to the next level and has encouraged us to provide more of edgy yet chic apparels which live up to customers’ expectations. Having done that, we decided to launch our spring and summer range-the “KICK OFF” Collection for fitness enthusiasts.

With this new launch, EDGII eliminates the mindset of people that the brand only specialises in creating edgy and unique parka collections. The new range of Edgii Fit+2019 SS “KICK OFF” Collection promotes healthy lifestyle and fitness with a touch of trendy elements.

Just like how Parkas have goose down sleeves which provide great protection from the wind through a dust resistant and waterproof outer shell, EDGII FIT+ “KICK OFF” sweat suit collection burns your body fat without lifting heavy weights and even when you are sitting down. In addition, the EDGII FIT+ COLLECTION has proved that sportswear can also be trendy, innovative, aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time.

The popularity of winter wear and sportswear collection of Australia’s leading luxury apparel brand, EDGII, revolves virtually in every distribution channel. To promote our online existence even more, we launch new series of online advertisement that will be broadcasted through several media channels to make EDGII’s online presence even more stronger than before.

Someone who hits the gym with an aim to work out and burn extra fat, can look up to these advertisements and the messages behind them. Because sometimes the best motivator is just the right piece of clothing. And what’s better than the colour changing logo technology in your sweat suit that indicates your body fat is burning effectively?

EDGII has played around its ad campaigns and released a new series of online advertisement campaigns for EDGII FIT+ COLLECTION.

These are a few advertisement messages that we focus on:

  • Do you want to reduce your boring, long work-out time? But now, as quick as lightning.
  • Work out with the right gym wear,You will sweat all your calories off.
  • Reduce your exercise time, burning your calories exponentially
  • Revolutionary wearing experience makes every drop of sweat worth your while.
  • Take it easy and kick off the calories of a packet of chips.
  • Put yourself into EDGII FIT+ leggings, you will never feel such a difference.

All the messages in EDGII FIT+ Ad campaign emphasize on wearing the sweat suit that gives you result without lifting heavy weights and exercise.

So, don’t kick off your favourite foods out of your diet, kick off the calories instead!