EDGII FIT+2019 SS “KICK OFF” COLLECTION Launch Event in Sydney!

08 Apr, 2019 by Renee Liao

You might have heard about plenty of miracle diets, fat-burning shakes, waist-whittling detox diets and workouts that supposedly make you shed inches instantly. But what if we present you with the coolest and easiest way to get fit – without dieting or exercising? All you have to do is to wear our EDGII FIT+ Sweat Suit and you’re off to good start in losing your fat and even improving your metabolism, all that without even doing any intense exercise. For real!

Edgii, a luxury apparel fashion brand in Sydney, launched EDGII FIT+ 2019 SWEATSUIT COLLECTION on 3rd March at Dolton House Bay Wharf. The event added to the list of major fashion fitness technology developments, and was attended by various renowned influencers.

The launch event of EDGII FIT+ SS Collection commenced with an interesting song and an engaging dance performance, followed by the introduction of two brand new products Fitness leggings and sweat suit by Edgii brand manager. At the time when the two new stars of the event – explosive sweat suit and colour changing French-fries logo sweat pants were introduced to the audience, the praise from the audience was heard quite prominently. The slim-tech fat burning sweat suit and leggings made by Edgii will help you reach your weight loss goal much more quickly, and without much hassle.

The ground-breaking new technology sweat suit collection by Edgii would change your everyday gym routine and will help make your everyday exercise easier, quicker and more enjoyable. The Edgii Fit+ sweat suit is designed, keeping today’s gym enthusiasts in mind, to assist them to keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle. Wearing EDGII Fit+ Sweat Suit for 10 minutes is equivalent to jogging for 2 hours, swimming for 1 hour, yoga for 1 hour and doing 200 sit ups. The fitness benefits tagged with the EDGII FIT+ collection don’t end here, because there are many more in the list. The main aim of Edgii behind introducing this exclusive collection is to offer maximum comfort to fitness freaks that are interested in losing weight but want to save themselves from engaging in hectic breathless exercising. Therefore, to relieve everyday hassle of gym enthusiasts, Edgii launched body sweating sweat suits that improve metabolism rate and intensify the amount of normal sweating rate by 10 times and fat burning by 5 times.

Let the new apparel technology burn your fat without lifting heavy weights and even when you are sitting down, with Edgii’s latest sweat suit collection.

In short, the more you wear it, the fitter you get.

Talking about the EDGII FIT+ French fries sweat suit pants, these are the edgiest pants in the history that not only smoothen the skin but also effectively lift up hips to give you a sexy body stature, with its elastic slimming factor.


When you work out in the gym, your body does incredible things to reach its maximum performance- veins expansion, metabolism increases, muscle swelling and heat release. However, sometimes, it’s just not possible to understand whether you have effectively burnt fat or not. To resolve this issue, Edgii has played around with its French fries logo. The creative fat burning colour logo by Edgii allows you to see calories as they burn. The colour changing technology in EDGII FIT+ Collection indicates that your body is burning fat with high efficiency. It changes the colour of the fries from yellow to white, showing the presence of body warmth which indicates your body has burnt enough amount of fat.

Reduce your body fat and weight with EDGII FIT+2019 Collection. The most chic gym outfit ever will for sure provide you a better experience when you are exercising.  You can now get your desired body shape in no time with EDGII FIT+ Sweat Suit. With its amazing quality and originality, the collection has successfully impressed the top-notch influencers of the fashion and fitness industry.