Edgii launched limited series “OUT OF STOCK” in Yohood

17 Jan, 2019 by Renee Liao

Recently, Edgii launched limited collection “OUT OF STOCK” in Yohood Carnival Shanghai. Various famous celebrities and fashion bloggers attended this session. The famous fashion label founder, singer, and actor, Shawn Yue attended this event. There were many celebrities like famous American Artist, ROY English and Japanese musician Hirosihi Fujiwara, who attended the event. Yohood is a famous cutting-edge fashion culture event in China which was established in 2005. It has all the elements that promote a trendy and fashionable lifestyle which include retail, media and other events.

One can get the latest information about fashion and style with Yohood. For every young and explorative person, this group provides the best products and services. If someone wants to know about the global fashion icons and labels, then you can get all the information at news releases of the Yohood group.

Here are some of the featured clothing of the famous Edgii brand which is supported by Yohood. Edgii’s ‘Out of Stock’ collection introduces an attitude to young people towards fashion in this modern world. Here are some of the Parka designs introduced by Edgii collection so that you can know the reason behind the success of Edgii. 

EDGII’s Fur Parkas

Fur Parkas are available with various designs and different colours for customers. These Parkas are made up with such outer shells that protect you from cold weather. The outer shell is made with waterproof and dust-resistant material. It has got separate fur lining with warm sleeves to provide full protection. There are several types of fur linings which customers can choose such as for fur, mink fur, and wolf fur. The trims are made of the well-loved racoon that provides ultimate protection against the cold and also adds that extra bit of chic to your style.  With custom colours and designs, these parkas are fantastic options from which customers can select according to their preferences. The waist is adjustable using the drawstrings.

Luxurious Goose Down Parkas

These Parkas have goose down sleeves which provide great protection from the wind while the outer shell is dust resistant and waterproof. The result is an extremely well-refined look. There is a wide range of colours available as well. The best part of this Parka is that it can be worn by people with different body size as it comes with waist cord which can be tightened for best fit.  

Celebrities wearing Edgii’s Out of stock collection

Do you know that EDGII collection is endorsed by a great number of Chinese celebrities? Rainie Yang, Ouyang Nana, Lou Zhixiang, Huang Shengyi were seen wearing the amazing Parka of this collection.  Eva Huang Shengyi was wearing ED1040 Fur Parka and EDW0002 Watson Goose down Parka. All of these famous people were wearing the new collection of EDGII in their magazine photo shoots. There are many more famous celebrities who love the trendy and luxurious designs of these limited-edition collections. With amazing quality and originality, this collection has managed to win the hearts of millions this year.