EDGII launches SS19 MAXIMUM collection

29 Apr, 2019 by Renee Liao

The time for some next season wardrobe planning is here finally!
A bit of fun. A bit of fashion. EDGII SS19 Maximum Collection beautifully blends the two for a perfect holiday season.

EDGII, a perfect destination for luxury and trendy apparel design, is about to launch its Spring and Summer19 Maximum Collection in March. With this new collection, we aim to offer eccentric elegance to our audience in the form of our latest SS19 Collection. For SS19 Maximum Collection, the designers chose the elevator as their inspiration with the phrase “maximum” as the main element in this collection.

SS19 Maximum Collection not only helps to expand your individuality but also enhances the originality of your personality to the maximum even within your own comfort zone. Considering the ever-increasing popularity of hoodies amongst the audience and its role in completing the wardrobe, EDGII launches its printed hoodies for both men and women which are perfect for all seasons and can be styled in whichever way people want. The end result would be impressive and eye-catchy.

The collection also includes simple, classic, casual hooded sweaters that are a perfect choice for people who are into relaxed outfits, smart layering and comfort.

To embrace a classic yet stylish look while ensuring extreme comfort, choose EDGII SS19 Collection. The collection brings together soft sweat material, fleece lining, and flattering shapes to compliment your versatility and comfort. The best part is the sweatshirts and sweater in the Spring Collection because they look as good as they feel.

Word of Inspiration from the SS19 Maximum Collection Designer:

The elevator is a unique space,
most of the time it’s just a tool which brings you to a certain floor
sometimes it acts as a gateway to a space that’s unknown, your own space to yourself.
The space itself may carry different meaning from person to person
Just like us, people can be so unique and different in their own way.
That is the reason why I chose elevator as my inspiration for Edgii’s spring and summer collection.
With the text “maximum” as the main element in this collection,
To expand your uniqueness and creativity to the maximum of your potential,
Even within limited space and time.

Take a glance at the most amazing must-haves from SS19 collection which are themselves endorsed by the top celebrities of the industry.

Maggie Jiang styled in EDGII Maximum Collection Black “Caution Mirror Behind” Printed Hoodie with a white shirt, gives a neutral yet classic look that never disappoints.

“Metallic” Printed Hoodies from EDGII Maximum Collection worn by Angelababy.

Justin Fan wearing EDGII Maximum Collection “Caution” Printed Hoodie

Xukun Cai wearing EDGII Printed Maximum Collection Printed Hoodies


There are many more famous celebrities who love the trendy and comfortable design of these SS19 Maximum Collection. The printed sweatshirts already got a big thumb up from renowned celebrities and are ready to spread its wings amongst others target audience as well.