EDGII: Perfect destination for luxury and trendy apparel designs

03 Jan, 2019 by Renee Liao


On June 20, the first brand of Australian fur, EDGII, had the grand opening of their global flagship store, a trendsetter in Australian fashion. Choosing Paddington, Sydney for its collection of fashion culture, top tier brands, and top Australian designers, the EDGII light luxury fashion brand shares its new location with some of the most popular brand names in Australia and Worldwide.


The EDGII Australian flagship store is located in Paddington, Sydney, a unique, fashionable and influential district, with a strong fashion culture, and the location of many top brands. This area has become the epicentre of cutting edge fashion in Sydney and Australia, and the home of Sydney’s top fashionistas.


Paddington is a buzzing hive of boutique Australian designers showcasing the latest trends in fashion. Located in the Southeast of inner Sydney city, Paddington is an upscale area with many Victorian terraced buildings, stylish parks, hip bistros and gay bars. Paddington Markets sells a huge selection of crafts and clothing keeping the streets very busy with tourists and locals searching for the next big thing in fashion. Being the home to many well-known designer studios, EDGII’s Australian flagship store fits in well among other influential brand names.

EDGII is surrounded by various fashion favourites in the Intersection, a location in the centre of the Australian designer brand assembly and adjacent to the international first-tier brand studios. The Paddington Intersection is a place where you can meet eccentric people, models, musicians, designers, and artists – along with many Sydneysiders with a creative flair and a penchant for luxury brands and high level fashion. Adjacent to the Intersection are many well-known international first tier brands including Zimmerman, Acen Studios, AJE, Alice McCall and others.


The shop decoration style of the EDGII flagship store in Australia is inspired by the “conflict aesthetics”. Pale Dogwood powder represents the sweetness of women, while metal elements represent the independence of girls, echoing the design concept of EDGII. Large to the overall store presentation style, small to each hanger colour selection, are presented around this theme.

Wearing EDGII is a fashion statement itself. We love to be the top choice of

young people and encourages them to explore their own unique fashion style.

Why trying on others when you can set your own standards high? TRY EDGII AND “BE YOUR OWN LABEL”.