Follow famous Influencer Dr. Mike’s Recent Winter Edgii’s Collection

10 Jan, 2019 by Renee Liao

This winter season, you don’t need to give another thought before buying EDGII’s collection. Do you know that Dr. Mike loves to wear EDGII’s down coat? The amazing Edgii’s Watson Parka is loved by the celebrities and fashion icons. The famous YouTuber and influencer, Dr. Mike has created an official video on fashionable winter clothing. He has recommended our store’s famous Watson Parka.  Now you can’t believe someone’s views and opinions until the person is trustworthy. Let’s know more about Dr. Mike and his work.

The videos of Dr. Mike got viral on Instagram and every office worker looks forward to watching his videos during their lunchtime. Do you know who is Dr. Mike and why is he famous on Instagram? He is a famous Instagram influencer who has completed his graduation from College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York Institute of Technology. There are many people who prefer to watch the videos of Dr. Mike on Instagram instead of watching their favourite TV series. He’s using social media in order to promote healthy living and to inspire people to take part in the medical field. 

Not only is he the hottest doctor but he is also a great fashion icon. He balances his life between being a doctor, influencer, fashion icon, and a charity worker. He also revealed that he donates all of his income made from social media to charities. He has taken this great step to make some people happy by giving them smiles with little effort. He is a motivational icon as he encourages his fans to work hard for themselves and for others also.

For a long time, he’s been a great men’s fashion icon and recommends attractive clothing and trendy styles for his fans. He’s the YouTuber who has won millions of hearts with his aim to work for charity and healthy lifestyle for the young generation. He’s a great fitness freak and you can check out his amazing gym session videos on his Youtube channel. He never misses going to the gym even if he is very busy and advises the same thing to his fans. Being a great tennis player, he is an inspiration to every person who thinks that balancing personal and professional life is difficult.

The sexiest man alive proved that he looks absolutely handsome in his winter collection. He was seen wearing ultra warm Edgii’s Watson Parka. He looked absolutely amazing in the attire and also recommended his fans to check out Edgii’s latest trim and chic styled collection. One of the most amazing wardrobe outfits of him is the Goose down Parka which can protect from extreme cold and provide superior protection and warmth. With his fur hooded Parka, he looked astonishing and created a new trend in fashion. Not only is this Parka unique in its look but it has got some unique features which are difficult to find in any other Parka available in the market at present time. The goose down material enhances the look while keeping warmth locked to your body.

A quick summary of why you should consider Edgii Watson Parka Red a must-have item in your wardrobe.

– Designed to give ultra warm to stand with extreme cold weather

– Fleece lined hand warmer pockets at the front

– Adjustable drawstrings at the waist

– Padded with lightweight and insulating white goose down

– Adjustable hood with removable raccoon fur trim

– Zip and button fastening