Know how Edgii sold complete “out of stock” collection within an hour

24 Jan, 2019 by Renee Liao


Edgii has always been popular in the fashion world. Magic happened on 28th July, the day when EDGII released another event at their Paddington flagship store. A number of influencers and celebrities were there to attend this special event. In the last few years, EDGII has been able to become exponentially well-known due to their fur collection. One can also say that the phrase, ‘Sold out’ has been completely associated with EDGII and that’s why we used it as our slogan this time. When we released our, ‘Out of stock’, it was sold within an hour. People loved our collection on the official website and in stores also. So it was no wonder that our collection was sold out within one hour after the release.

Why EDGII out of stock collection became so popular?

With the hard work and dedication of EDGII’s professional designers and employees, our company has been able to present high quality of innovative ideas in clothing. The young generation loves our ideas because we are successful in providing a unique style of fashionable clothes to them. Now, it has become easier for everyone to create their own fashion trend with Edgii’s super collection of clothes. Not only young people but also fashion bloggers and famous celebrities have declared their love for EDGII clothing. Chinese celebrities like Wu Xin, Luo Zhixiang, Wang Yuan and many others love to wear our collection.

Why should you choose EDGII ‘Out of Stock’ collection?

As you know that we are the first company to release a fur collection in the most innovative ways. Whether you want to get mink fur or fox fur, you can get all kinds of luxurious fur collection at our store. With amazing styles and colours, people can select their own style. The fur that we use for these parkas are 100% genuine fur sourced from America and Europe and colour-dyed with extreme craftsmanship.


You must have heard about Yohood which is one of the most influencing fashion culture platforms in China. It also advocated our new, ‘Out of stock’ collection among people. Famous Celebrities like Shawn Yue, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Roy English and many others attended the event. There were a lot of appraisals for this amazing collection. The support from celebrities and love from our loyal fan base, together with our high-quality products, high fashion sensibility and extraordinary customer service are the main reasons why EDGII “Out of Stock” Collection was a great success.